Monthly Archives - February 2019

How to turn your TV into a monitor.

If you got your computer any time in the last couple of years, you are pretty much guaranteed to have an HDMI compatible computer. For this plug you will need an HDMI cable which you can get for under $15 at Ross or most marketplaces. (it will be more expensive at specialty stores such as Best Buy) Simply plug in the HDMI cable into the port and into the HDTV and viola! You’re good to go, and you can now browse [...]


Why invest in a 3DTV?

When it comes to 3DTVs the market is very divided. On one hand it’s considered very new and very valuable technology. More and more movies, TV shows, and video games are becoming 3D compatible by the day. The market for one is clearly there, but the question of whether or not to upgrade largely boils down to a few simple questions.


Why Hire an AV Expert?

Doing everything yourself might seem attractive, especially with something like setting up your own home theater, but there might be more to it than you originally considered. Setting up your own home theater is more than just hooking up a TV in your front room, it’s understanding exactly how to seamlessly connect your surround sound, making sure your wall-mounted TV is mounted right, hiding all of your wires in hidden spaces so that people who walk in your room [...]